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Selling a Home in Columbia MO?

Are you trying to sell a home in Columbia MO? You've come to the right place! Jim Rauer is your key to a successful sale. If you want to sell a house in Columbia MO, you want to work with Jim Rauer.

Why List My Home for Sale in Columbia MO with Jim Rauer?

When you list your home with Jim Rauer, you're getting a dedicated realtor with experience. Jim will help you through the entire selling process, from evaluating the market value of your home to successfully marketing your listing to potential buyers.

Selling your home can be stressful. You can rest assured you're working with a professional. He's known for closing deals quickly and smoothly, making selling a home in Columbia MO easy on you.

Jim's track record is commendable. While other realtors in Columbia MO may struggle to move properties, Jim can sell a house in Columbia MO quickly. In fact, he's recently sold 5 properties in under 90 days.

What Happens When I List my House for Sale in Columbia MO with Jim Rauer?

When you sell a house in Columbia MO with Jim Rauer you can sit back and relax while he takes cares of the hard work. Jim will market your house, coordinate showings, communicate with prospective buyers and negotiate hard on your behalf. He'll also provide recommendations on how to showcase your home to sell it quickly and within your selling range.

When you work with Jim Rauer, your home is added to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). These Columbia MO real estate listings are a powerful selling tool. When you list your home for sale in this database, your house will be exposed to the maximum number of qualified buyers in Columbia Missouri.

I Want to List My House for Sale in Columbia MO - Tips Please!

When you sell a house in Columbia MO you will be opening your doors to prospective buyers. One of the best ways to showcase your house is by de-personalizing it.

When prospective buyers enter your home, they need to be able to visualize the house as theirs. Consider removing any items that are obviously yours, such as family photos, collectible items, trophies.

If you have a considerable amount of personalized items to stash away, you may want to rent a storage unit. When prospective buyers visit your home, they will want to look at every room and closet. If they find clutter, it will detract from the sale. Even though you may have to pay a storage rental fee, it is often more than made up for on higher sale prices. Houses that are showcased well can demand higher prices.

The only room that holds the exception of removing all clutter is the kitchen. It is true all items should be removed from the counters. In the case of the kitchen, however, it's recommended to put your items in the cabinets. One of the first things potential buyers do is open the cabinets. When they see the kitchen has the storage space to keep all their kitchen gadgets, from toasters to blenders, they see the kitchen as more functional.

Another form of de-personalization is viewing your home as a house or a piece of property. This is difficult to do because of the memories created in your home. However, the sooner you can see your home as a piece of property, the sooner your emotions will no longer be a factor in the sale. If you remain emotionally invested in your house, you may find it takes longer to sell and the entire process becomes difficult.

Sell a Home in Columbia MO with Jim Rauer

When you work with Jim Rauer, you team up with one of the best real estate agents in the business. He'll become your partner as you navigate through the potentially overwhelming world of selling a home.

Jim will listen to your concerns, putting you as first priority. You can rest assured you have a hardworking, experienced realtor fighting for your best interests.

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